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Men’s Australian Open Betting Odds

Men’s Australian Open

Australian Open tennis tournament is the first out of 4 grand slam tournaments. The tournament is held annually over the last two weeks of January. It was founded in 1905 and, in the early beginnings, the tournament was played on grass courts. However, since it moved from Kooyong to Melbourne Park in 1988, it is played on a hard surface. The first hard surface was carpet until 2007 when they switched to Plexichusion court, which is still being used.

When it comes to Australian Open betting, the first grand slam of the year always comes with high odds. Due to the fact that it is hard to predict player forms at the beginning of the season, odds to win Australian Open are usually high on favourite players.

Bet on Australian Open Tennis

There are several types of Australian Open bets available in the markets. You can bet on match winner, correct score, or even try prop bets like guessing the number of sets, games, or even aces. However, the most interesting bet type is surely Australian Open outright betting. This type of bet is always placed before the tournament even begins. Try to predict which player is in the right shape to win the tournament outright. You can also try to predict who will play in the grand finals or which favourite won’t make it to a certain point. There are countless possibilities and the choice is yours. Predicting some crazy outcome before the tournament will always bring high odds and high profit.

On top of that, there is also an Australian Open live betting option. You can watch your favourite matches and bet on them live while they are being played. See how the players react and what mental state are they in? Is their form good enough to beat the opponent? After you have enough information, then and only then you decide what to bet on. There is no time pressure because a bet can be placed at any given moment during the match. However, be careful as the odds change constantly, so you have to wait for the right moment and bet while they are high.

Get the Latest Australian Open Tennis Odds

Truth to be told, Australian Open men’s odds are not different than any other tennis odds. There are always a favourite and underdog players. Of course, the odds on favourites will be lower, and therefore, it is less profitable to bet on them. On the other side, not every Australian Open bet revolves around the winner. As we already mentioned before, you can bet on other things too, so consider doing so.

Men’s Tennis Australian Open Final

The final match is arguably always the most interesting one except in certain situations. Be that as it may, Australian Open men’s final odds are somewhat boosted as it is the match with most viewers and most bets placed on. Even though they are boosted, keep in mind that Australian Open final odds will never be as high as Australian Open outright winner odds. Placing a bet before the tournament is more profitable. The sooner you predict the winner, the higher the odds.


Recent Australian Open Tennis Winners

Lately, the best player on this tournament is Novak Đoković, with 8 titles in total. Over the course of the last 6 years, he won it 4 times while Federer managed to win it 2 times.

2015. Novak Đoković – Andy Murray
2016. Novak Đoković – Andy Murray
2017. Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal
2018. Roger Federer – Marin Čilić
2019. Novak Đoković – Rafael Nadal
2020. Novak Đoković – Dominic Thiem