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French Open Women’s Betting Odds


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WTA French Open

The WTA French Open is exciting to many people who love tennis. Not only is the tournament popular and exciting, but it also brings a lot of betting opportunities.

The French Open is a tournament known as Roland-Garros, which takes place in Paris, France at the Stade Roland-Garros. It’s the second one from the four annual Grand Slam tournaments.

The French Open WTA is the part of the tournament dedicated to women. The players in the women’s French Open are professional ones and the tournament is separate from the men’s tournament and has different champions.

French Open Women Betting

If you want to bet on WTA French Open matches, then it’s extremely important to know about the different markets and their popularity. Some markets are more popular compared to others, and it’s important to choose one based on your preferences or your experience with betting. Here are the markets you should know about before betting on Sportstennisbet:

  • Moneyline

Moneyline bets are some of the easiest ones you can make in sports, and it’s one of the most popular ones for the WTA French Open. With this type of bet, you just have to place a wager on who you think is going to win a game. If you checked the odds beforehand and came up with a strategy, then you should have a prediction about the outcome.

You can either consider your personal favorites or check out how other players performed in the past and bet based on that.

  • Outright Winner

There are also outright winner bets, where you bet not on who is going to win a certain match, but rather on who is going to win the tournament. It’s a much bigger bet and you have to be very careful, especially given things can change at any point during the tournament. If you don’t take the right guess, you’ll lose the bet.

  • Futures

For tennis WTA French Open betting, futures are also popular. You start with these before the tournament starts and make a bet early on as a result. Since you bet on the event that will be completed in the future, it requires better preparation. This is why you have to know who the French Open women’s final winner will be if you want to win.

WTA French Open Odds

It’s also important to understand the women’s French Open odds before you make a bet. The odds for WTA French Open will appear on bookmakers online. As soon as the tournament is close to starting, odds are going to pop up on sportsbooks all over the internet. So, you’ll see your options for betting on the women participating in the French Open.

Usually, odds fluctuate because results are not always 100% predictable. One turn in events could easily change everything else.

Odds will be different depending on the type of bet you intend to make, which is what makes it so important to check them before you start the wager. The odds will make it possible to come with your own strategy and possibly guess who is going to win a match or the whole tournament for the women’s French Open.

French Open Women’s Singles Winner

The French Open women’s winners were different every year for the singles. In 2015, none other than Serena Williams won the tournament. Then, in 2016, it was Garbine Muguruza’s time to shine as she won the trophy. Jelena Ostapenko was the winner for 2017, and in 2018, Simona Halep took the trophy home. In 2019, Ashleigh Barty won, and in 2020, Iga Świątek was victorious.

Final Thoughts

The French Open is one of the most famous tennis tournaments in the world. Therefore, it’s essential to know what you should do if you intend to bet. Look into the latest odds before making a wager.