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Privacy Policy

We collect private information from our users in order to help protect the Sportstennisbet and keep it running. The data you send to us will be protected according to this Privacy Policy, as it’s our responsibility to make sure your private information doesn’t get to the wrong people.

Please read carefully everything that’s written in this privacy policy, as it should be in your interest to be aware of the way in which we take care of your private information. If you don’t agree with what this page says, then discontinuing using our services is required.

What Personal Data Do You Have to Give Us?

In order to make use of our services, you will have to register on the Sportstennisbet. But to do that properly, you will need to give us your data. Personal information we will require in order to give you an identity on our platform is your name, email, date of birth, and card information. The latter is needed to allow you to make deposits and start betting on sports.

Aside from the data you have to give us, there is also data that we automatically collect. For instance, we will collect the date and time you accessed the services, internet browser, or software used, IP address, hardware, and data about the operating system of your PC. We are also going to collect information about the way you interact with the services we provide. If you contact us for questions or issues, we may monitor or record these calls as well.

If you’re accessing the site from your mobile phone instead, then we are going to collect information that shows the mobile device you use, as well as app crashes, device-specific settings and other system activity relevant to us.

Other Types of Data We Collect

Apart from the data we mentioned previously, we might also be collecting third party data. This could include your social media feeds, such as Facebook or Twitter. Through this, we might start getting to know you much better.

We might also use some data from our business partners and other such organizations. For instance, these could include companies for fraud prevention, or companies that provide verification services.

What you should know regarding third parties is that if you are trying to offer us some personal data about someone else, it should only be done if they gave you permission. In case you disclose information about someone else or someone else gives us personal data about you, then we may add it to the existent information that we own. It will be used the way it’s described in the Privacy Notice on this page.

Collecting Cookies

Our website collects cookies. Cookies are referring to small data pieces that get stored on your computer and maintain information about what you enter when using a site. This is something we collect in order to know more about the activity of our users and start improving our site as well. More than that, it also helps us show you the most important information when you come back to the platform and identify your preferred language. Once you create an account and start betting, it seems you agreed to the collection of cookies and thus agree to what the Privacy Policy says about them.

At the same time, even if you accept the cookies, you can delete them from your computer whenever you want. Likewise, you can disable cookies at any time, but doing so will prevent you from using some or all of our services.

Why Do We Collect Your Data?

Since we provide certain services for our people in exchange for their personal information and money, it’s only understandable that we keep it safe. Not to mention, users put a lot of trust in us the moment they decide to send us anything private. As such, we want to be open and honest with you when it comes to why we’re collecting your data.

Well, overall, we collect it because it doesn’t only help us give you the services you’re here for, but also to help improve the services and your experience here. In other situations, we are going to need it in order to comply with the law.

For more specifics, though, here is a list of reasons why we are going to collect your data:

  • To assess any potential risk connected to your bets
  • To provide you with betting services and information about bets
  • For more personalized services such as marketing offers, from which you can unsubscribe whenever you wish
  • For a more tailored service that suits you; for example, some of your history on our platform might be used to make certain recommendations
  • To help us test new existing systems and possible upgrades that might be available for them
  • In providing you with a user-friendly experience on the platform
  • Improving our services by doing customer modeling or trend analysis
  • For checking how effective the marketing is
  • To help us get in contact with you regarding our services; this could be done by email, post, phone or social media accounts
  • To get back to you whenever you reach out with a question or a complaint
  • To send you invitations in order to participate in customer questionnaires or surveys
  • To help manage competitions and promotions that you enter
  • Helping us detect and prevent any potential activities that are breaching the Terms and Conditions of the website
  • To detect, prevent or stop any possible use of third party software when gambling
  • To perform occasional anti-fraud checks
  • Making sure our services are being offered to eligible individuals
  • To figure out where you are when accessing the website, so we can then redirect you to the right country site (unless your country is a restricted one)
  • To help prevent or manage certain risks and stop problem gambling from occurring in the first place
  • Finding your true identity and also finding the funding source in your transactions
  • Detecting, preventing and prosecuting crime
  • To make sure that the personal data you offer stays accurate and valid

We might also collect your data in order to perform marketing and market research, but it will all be done only under your consent. We can send you news and offers about the services we provide through SMS, email, social media targeted advertising, phone calls, and other ways. This only applies if you already agreed to receive them in the first place.

Once you sign up on our platform, we will make sure to ask you if you’re okay with receiving the marketing communications. Even if you accept at first, you have the right to stop the communications whenever you want.

There are also special categories of data that we process only in specific situations. For example, they may be processed if they are related to personal data that you made public, or if you’ve offered us your consent in an explicit manner. It will also only be processed if we need it for substantial public interest reasons or for establishing, defending, or exercising legal claims.

How Long Will Your Data Be Maintained for?

Your personal data that you offered to the Sportstennisbet will be kept for as long as you’re a member of the site and using our services. However, we might still keep it for a period of a few years after you cease using our services, in case any legal claims are made against us.

Information needs to be kept in order to meet the legal obligations that we have, which is why we need to keep data for a while. So, after you close your account, there will be a reasonable amount of time starting from the day you cease your relationship with us, during which we will keep your data. It will be kept safe just as it was until you left the platform.

Securing Your Data

It is very important for us to maintain the safety of our customers, and because of that, we are using multiple methods to protect the information entrusted to us. First of all, the website uses special encryption through SSL technology, and any information you introduce is, this way, protected to make sure no unauthorized people can gain access to it.

When you send us credit or debit card information, it will be sent to us one time over the internet. What we do after receiving this information is storing it in our secure systems and protecting it for as long as possible. We are aware that this information is confidential, and we don’t want it to be used in fraudulent ways by other people.

Our platform has special systems that have the ability to detect any potential illegal activity, which helps the Sportstennisbet stay safe for all users. What’s more, we check the systems regularly, to make sure there are no issues and that the security is constantly ensured. If any intrusion is being made, our systems will detect it immediately.

That being said, you should contact us as soon as you notice any possible unrecognized or unauthorized transactions in your history, as well as weird and sudden changes in your balance.