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Barrena A / Hoyos Franco A
Loof T / Voisin E
Koller A / Wildgruber A
Berriri C / Limem R
Khoeblal, Elgin
Гима, Себастиан
J. Domingues / G. Elias
J. Clarke / L. Giustino
M. Libietis / L. Margaroli
И. Сабанов / М. Сабанов
M. Libietis / L. Margaroli
И. Сабанов / М. Сабанов
Buse, Ignacio
Лопес Морильо, Иманол
Buchnik, Mika
Катарина Кузьмова
Jeremias Rocco
Sean Hess
Jeremias Rocco
Sean Hess
Li, Hanwen
Mazza, Manuel
И. Сервантес / О. Рока Баталья
I. Gakhov / B. Yunchaokete
Скарчиалупи, Гайя
Paukstyte, Patricija
Сяо, Линан
Loge, Jack
Dinu C / Toth A K
Fita Boluda A / Seibold E
Кекеж, Дуже
Horvat, Vito
L. Johnson / S. Verbeek
Жак К / Майот Г
Акрам Эл Саллали
Shaw, Michael
Vrancken Peeters, Anouck
Tedesco, Giulia
Rasskovskaia, Lidiia
Apalikhina, Anastasiya

Tennis Scores and Why Are They Helpful

Tennis is a fantastic game but many people have had one small problem with it – what is the scoring system in tennis? We all look up final tennis results to see who has won. ATP & WTA tennis scores are updated in real time and the tennis score information we can find online is fed on the spot. Yet, do we really understand the scoring system?

Draws, statistics, match details, tennis serve, break points. This is all info that comes as part of tennis scores -whether during a game or post-game, and it’s good to take a closer look and see how information can be leveraged into more meaningful tennis bets for the next events.

How Does Tennis Scoring Work?

Scoring in tennis is done in serves. A player serves and if the ball hits the court on opponent’s side and then bounces out of the court, the player has just scored a point. This is definitely a fairly straightforward system. Then points are counted in 15, 30, 40 and then game. You would say – well, that’s a rather quick game.

It isn’t. Some game can stretch well over 3 hours, which is a lot! Scoring in tennis is one thing, but knowing how to use this information is another thing altogether. That’s why we recommend always keeping an eye for the following stats, especially if you are betting on tennis:

  • WTA and ATP rankings
  • Wimbledon scores
  • US Open scores
  • French Open scores
  • Australian Open scores

Of course, to understand scoring, you will have to answer yourself: what are the rules of tennis as well as see how knowing the rules helps you bet on tennis better. Many people wonder: why do tennis scores go 15 30 40? Well, nobody is entirely sure. One suggestion is that a clockface was used to score the points, making it easier to track in the long-term. This explanation seems to be fairly popular, giving fans a reason to love the game even more, as it turns out.

Scoring a Game

Scoring a tennis game is no easy. There are between 2 and 3 sets in each tennis match, and to win a single set you need 6 games. This makes tennis quite challenging actually. Scoring a tennis game comes after you’ve scored 15, 30, 40 and your opponent isn’t at 40 yet. Then you score the game point and voila – the first game is yours. Only 6 more to come for a set!

You can already see why tennis tends to be a long, long game. True, some opponents will eat through others very quickly, but other games will be properly nerve-wrecking, often reaching double game point and triple game point.

The latest scores often show many games that came very close to going the other way, but one of the players managed to hold their ground despite the difficulties.

Scoring a Set

As explained in the previous paragraph, scoring a set isn’t too complicated when you come to think of it. What you need to do is win six games for a single set. Now, the game itself is divvied up to three points, and a final decisive point.

However, for the final point to apply, your opponent must be behind you by at least two points – one advantage, and the one you score to defeat the opponent. It can be a bit confusing, but trust us on this one – it really isn’t.

Once a game has been sealed, an opponent will continue until they have 6 games to win the set. And that’s about it, really. Once a set is won, an opponent has an incredible advantage. They will only need another set to win the match.

Scoring a Match

And so, when sports betting, and specifically on tennis, you just want to make sure you have got it all down to a T. For this reason, we will repeat – scoring a match is the result of winning two sets in a tennis match. This is a lengthy process and it can definitely take a while. This is why scoring a tennis match is definitely seen as one of the biggest hallmarks of a tennis player pro. A match point is one of the most interesting events – when a player is trying to prevent the opponent from winning the entire thing.