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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our betting site! We want to make your experience with us as amazing as possible, and for that to happen, being aware of the terms and conditions is mandatory. You need to properly understand the betting terms and the process.

Having said that, please read out Terms and Conditions featured on this page before you start using the platform. Once you sign up and start using the Sportstennisbet, it means you accept to abide by our terms and conditions. At the same time, if you don’t accept the terms and conditions, you shouldn’t use the site or services in the first place.

The Purpose of This Page

This page has the goal to set the legal Terms and Conditions on which the Sportstennisbet is being operated, and on which we offer you the services.

We are doing our best to tell you about the terms and conditions, as well as the rules in a simple way, so everyone can understand clearly. Therefore, if there are any questions or problems related to the, please make sure to contact us by email. Calling us is possible as well.

So, this page’s purpose is to:

  • Inform all users about how we protect our services so that they can bet safely, and that the pools are fair
  • Set out the basis on which we let our users gain access to our services after making an account
  • Help our users understand how the Sportstennisbet works
  • Tell our users what to do and what not to do after joining the platform


When we use the words “we”, “us” and “our”, we are referring to us, the team behind this website. On the other hand, when we’re saying “you”, “your” and “the User”, we are referring to you, the person who registered on our platform and wants to use our services.

When mentioning “Account”, we mean the account you create when you want to become a member of the site and start using our services. Moreover, when we say “content”, it means all the data, information, videos, photos, text, and anything of the sort that we display on the platform.

“Restricted territories” is something we bring up in order to let you know what countries or states don’t have access to our site and services. If you live in any of these territories, then you are not legally allowed to bet on our platform.

Through “services”, we mean the betting offers available on this platform, the ones that you gain access to once you become an account holder. When mentioning a “card”, we’re referring to the types of cards that you can use to pay for our services. They could either be credit, debit, virtual, and others.

Registering on Sportstennisbet

When you make an account on our betting platform, there’s information that you will have to provide for us. Initially, we will ask for your email address and birthdate, as well as your name. If you want to use our services, we might ask for more personal information so we could verify your identity. You will need a payment method such as a card if you want to make use of our offers.

We have to collect all this data because the law requires it. Luckily for you, the information will be kept safe no matter what, because we take measures in order to protect our users’ personal data.

As a new user, you are entitled to one non-transferable account. Since you are going to use your own personal information, you should be the only one knowing your password. Make sure to pick a password that isn’t easy to guess, and that you don’t tell it to anyone else.

As soon as you make an account, we are going to check your personal information to make sure that you don’t have an already existing user account. Keep in mind that we reserve every right to close your account if we find out that you not only didn’t keep your password confidential, but your information is being used by someone else already too. Also, if the failure of keeping your information confidential is caused by you, then you will have to deal with the consequences, as we are not responsible for your action.

Account Conditions

When you register on this platform, it means that you agree to the following conditions:

  • You agree to follow the terms and conditions, as well as the rules that we set for our website
  • You will not try to disguise your IP address or use a fake one in order to identify on our website
  • You are not going to upload any content to the site unless you own the copyright to it, or the copyright owner gave you permission to share it in the first place
  • You’re not going to transfer any malware, spyware or viruses to any of our servers or networks that help the services run, thus disrupting the functioning of the services
  • You won’t make any attempts to restrict other users from joining the site and using the services
  • You will not use any of our services for any illegal purposes
  • You will not access our site through any bots, automated devices, scripts, scrapers or anything of the sort
  • No changes to the website will be made by you


Aside from the rules, when you make your account, it means that you confirm that:

  • You are at least 18 years old or older
  • You read our rules, understood them and agree to them
  • You will not open more than one account on our platform
  • You only opened one account, or else agree for yours to be closed if we discover that you have more than one accounts
  • You will never try to affect or manipulate the result of a bet

In case we discover any breaching of the rules, then we are going to investigate your account, and it might end with your winnings being forfeited and your account deleted.

Matters that Are Beyond Our Control

There are certain losses or damage that you may suffer that we are not responsible for, as they are beyond our control. Such losses might include:

  • Storms
  • Floods
  • Malicious damage
  • Invasions
  • The threat of terrorist attacks
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire or explosion
  • Power cut
  • Civil commotion
  • Riot
  • Failure or delay caused by a third party

Rules of Payment

Before paying for our services, make sure you read and understand the rules that they come with.

When paying for our bets, you shall do it through either payment solution providers or financial institutions. Certain factors such as availability, procedures, duration, and many others will vary depending on the financial institution or country.

Therefore, you should not send cash funds directly to our team, as we will not accept it.

You are allowed to deposit money to your own account by using your personal card or account that you created with a financial institution. Moreover, you have the right to withdraw money from your account on the bookmaker to your personal account created with a financial institution.

You have the responsibility to provide us with correct and valid information about your personal account when making withdrawals and deposits.

Make sure you never allow any third party to use your site account, or deposit/withdraw money with your account.

Depending on the payment method that you choose, there might be minimum or maximum amounts that you can deposit/withdraw. You should be aware of the limits before you perform any process.

Making online bets may be illegal in certain countries, which will be featured in our “Restricted territories” list. If you happen to register from one of these areas and use your card for deposits/withdrawals, we don’t have any obligation to accept it. We might even cancel or reverse the bet.


In case you have any complaints about the services or any operation, you should make sure to contact us. Our support team will always be available for you and easily accessible as our information is featured on the Sportstennisbet.

After reaching out to us, make sure you are patient enough to wait for a response. We make an effort to respond as soon as possible, but delays might occur if we are dealing with too many questions or issues at a specific moment. Even still, we will always make sure to respond within a reasonable amount of time.

Contacting us can be done by using our phone number, email address, or the live chat option on the Sportstennisbet.

More than that, when contacting us, you should always offer us clear information about your identity, as well as about the issues that led to the complaint in the first place. We only ask you to be decent in the way you address the issue to our team members and be understanding of the situation depending on how your problem is being resolved. If you feel like the conclusion didn’t give you enough satisfaction, then it turns into a dispute, which you can refer to the independent third-party dispute resolution.