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Tennis Tournaments You Want to Keep an Eye Out For

When sports betting on tennis, you definitely want to know which the best tennis tournaments out there are. To find out which ones exactly, you will have to spend a fair bit of time looking up the most recent tennis calendar, going through the news and generally keeping an eye for any upsetting changes.

The good news is that the most famous tennis tournaments in the world are often talked about, so you will almost certainly be in the loop. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) keeps track of all major tennis tournaments out there, not least of all:

  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Olympic Tennis

There are just so many great events you will want to look up and bet on tennis. It’s just the way it works. Good news is you definitely won’t be starved for choice! There are many upcoming tournaments and current tournaments, ITF Men Tennis, ITF Women Tennis, WTA tennis tournaments, and ATP tennis tournaments.

The world is definitely packed with fantastic opportunities to participate in some of the finest tournament events out there.

Men’s Tournaments

There are loads of awesome tournaments. Men were the first to play tennis competitively – even though the game struggled for a long time. But the good news is, the game has been liberal from the earliest age and female players have been allowed to participate in quite a few events.

We will first go through the men’s tournaments and the events you definitely want to keep your eyes open for, including:

  • Grand Slams
  • ATP World Tour Finals
  • ATP World Tour Masters
  • ATP World Tour 250 and 500 Series
  • Challenger Tour
  • Future Tour
  • Davis Cup

All of these events are considered major men’s tennis tournaments and they definitely deserve your attention if you love the game. If you aren’t entirely certain who the big names in men’s tennis are, just take a look at the available APT rankings. There are just so many great professional tennis tournaments, not least of all – women’s events.

Women’s Tournaments

Without any doubt, women’s tennis events are a big draw for people who love tennis and don’t mind tennis betting. The WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) tennis rankings are always a handy reference to help you make your mind as to whom to back. Meanwhile, here are some of the top women’s tournaments:

  • Grand Slams
  • WTA Tour Championships (WTA Finals)
  • WTA Elite Trophy
  • WTA Premier Tournaments
  • WTA International Tournaments
  • Fed Cup

You will notice that the tennis betting lines for women event are just as competitive as they are for men. There is a simple reason behind this. Female competitions are just as demanding as the male-only events.

There are so many great players, that women’s singles and doubles events are cropping all over the place. Tennis competitions these days almost necessarily include men and women events and fans of the game are coming to watch them play in droves.